We have over 80 years' experience

Jeanne Lamaison, founder of the first La Sylvaine School
            of Dance in Fontainebleau

Parents have been entrusting the care and development of their young ones to our family since the first La Sylvaine School was founded in Fontainebleau in 1937 by Jeanne Lamaison, our current principal’s mother.

We are a nurturing dance school

La Sylvaine upper grade dance classes in West London

We provide a warm and caring environment where children develop a love of dance for life. Pure joy and self-discovery through dance underlie all our teaching. Optional RAD examinations are introduced slowly and without pressure.

Our teachers are fully qualified and highly skilled

Miss Chloe Bergeret, teacher at La
              Sylvaine School of Dance

Our experienced and caring teachers are fully qualified members of the Royal Academy of Dance and will assist your child to develop into the best dancer that they can become. Many of our teachers are also successful performers. This breadth of experience allows them to introduce dance to young children in a broad imaginative way.


Timetable and Holiday Dates

Parsons Green

Mission Hall Downstairs


15:50 - 16:45

Grade 2 (7-8 yrs)

16:45 - 17:45

Grade 3 (8-9 yrs)

Parsons Green

Mission Hall Upstairs


16:55 - 17:55

Grade 4

17:55 - 18:55

Inter F

18:55 - 20:00

Grade 8

South Kensington

Yoga Centre Evolve

Blandine & Marina

15:55 - 16:50

Grade 2 (7-8 yrs)

16:50 - 17:50

Grade 3 (8-9 yrs)


Ashburnham Primary School


13:30 - 15:30

Creative Dance

15:30 - 16:30

Ballet Club

Download Timetable for 2019/2020.

Download Holiday Dates for 2019/2020.

From September 2019: classes for children aged 3 to 6 will be added in Chelsea Theatre and Ashburnham School.

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