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All members of staff are fully qualified and DBS checked.


  • Peter Kolbé - Financial and Legal Director
  • Blandine Lamaison – LRAD, Concours artistiques de Paris, Artistic Director
  • Cecilia Costa – Senior Administration & Accounts

Teaching Staff

  • Chloé Bergeret – RAD RTS, Diploma Laine’s Theatre Arts School
  • Clotilde Bortz - RAD RTS
  • Rachael Bernadine – LRAD, ARAD
  • Pascale Chambon - LRAD AISTD
  • Megan Clayton - BA (Hons) Dunelm & Surrey, LRAD ARAD
  • Sarah Sales - BA (Hon) LRAD AISTD
  • Pascale Stonor - LRAD ARAD
  • Dimitra Moraiti - BA (Hons) LRAD
  • Rania Leontiou - MA, BA (Hons) LRAD

Music Staff

  • David Harrod
  • Nick Corkery
  • Ella O'Neil


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Contact Us


(between 10am to 12 noon daily) :
+44 (0)20 8208 5007

Office Address

26 Hardinge Road London NW10 3PJ



La Sylvaine & Wendy Bell uniforms packs are available to purchase from our staff. All items must be labeled with your child’s name. Hair should be tied back neatly, in a ponytail and a bun is preferred from Grade 1.

Primary Aqua leotard & skirt, pink crossover, pink socks or tights
Grade 1 & 2 Same as above but in Turquoise
Boys White T-shirt, shorts & black leather ballet shoes. Navy tights from Grade 2
Grade 3 & 4 Navy RAD regulation leotard with straps, navy crossover.
Inter F Bethany Royal Blue RAD regulation leotard, navy crossover.
Grade 6 & 7 Bethany Raspberry RAD regulation leotard.
Grade 8 Student’s choice
Modern Hip/Hop Turquoise, navy or royal blue leotard and jazz trousers. Black leggings from Inter F.

Shoes and Tights are not kept in stock and can be bought “Six Pieds trois Pouces” (28 Bute Street SW7 3EY), or from Dance shops such as Freeds and Dancia (Covent Garden)

Uniform packs, Intro to Grade 2 - Aqua or Turquoise £40
Grade 3 to 5 / Hip-Hop
Navy or royal blue strapped leotards,
Navy of pink crossover
Grade 6, 7, 8 raspberry Bethany leotard
Inter F Bethany leotard

Fees / Terms & Conditions

Invoices and newsletters are sent out before the beginning of the term by email. If you have not received it by the start of term, please contact us by email on: ccostalasylvaine@aol.com

Fees are payable termly in advance, within 14 days after the start of the term. If thereafter the fees remain unpaid an administration charge of £20 will be added to the balance of unpaid fees unless arrangements have been made in advance. Regretfully, fees unpaid by half term requiring a "Letter before Action" will incur an additional fee of £85.

Pupils are automatically assumed to be continuing their classes from term to term. Notice of withdrawal of a child must be given in writing 5 weeks before the end of term or the fees for the following term are payable in full in lieu of notice. In the event of several absences, missed lessons can be made up by attending alternative classes. However, if an arrangement cannot be made, we cannot be held responsible nor can the classes be credited. We cannot refund fees in case of cancellation beyond our control. (Force Majeure)

Payment of Fees

By Cash, Cheque or BACS. Please contact Mrs Costa (CCostalaSylvaine@aol.com) if you require our bank details.

Registration fee £50
Pre-Primary/Primary/Grade 1
One lesson per week
Two lessons per week (-20%)

Grade 2 to grade 5 Ballet / Hip-Hop
One lesson per week
Two lessons per week (-20%)
Three lessons per week
Four lessons per week

Grade 6 to Grade 8, Inter, Senior Hip-Hop
One lesson per week
Two lessons per week (-20%)
Three lessons per week
Four lessons per week


“Passion Achieves Miracles”

The primary aim of our school is to teach children how to extend their potential through the disciplines of dance and performance. Children are taught the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus and are regularly entered for the RAD award classes or examinations. The very high standard of tuition has enabled students to progress to vocational schools such as the Royal Ballet School, Arts Educational Schools, Laine’s Theatre Art and the Royal Academy of Dance.

Blandine Lamaison

Blandine Lamaison is a graduate of Concours Artistiques de Paris and a Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance. She trained in France and at the RAD, and taught in France and Italy, before returning to London where she was an RAD examiner until La Sylvaine School became fully established.

La Sylvaine - London

La Sylvaine School of Dance was founded by Blandine Lamaison in London in 1979, 32 years after her mother, Jeanne Lamaison, had founded the original school in Fontainebleau, France. The school started with Wednesday afternoon lessons for the children of the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in South Kensington and subsequently expanded to other French schools and local state schools in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

La Sylvaine - Fontainebleau

Jeanne Lamaison founded the original ballet school in 1947 in Fontainebleau. In 1973, her daughter, Marie Lamaison, a graduate of l'École Supérieure d'Études Chorégraphiques de Paris took over, having been a teacher since 1967.

La Sylvaine - Bordeaux

Martine Lamaison opened another ballet school in Bordeaux in 1975, with various branches in this area. Her daughter, Stephanie Corne, took over in 2000, spreading the influence of La Sylvaine across the South West of France.

Our Statement

    Our educational curriculum leads on naturally from the development of the child's intellectual abilities. It strengthens and complements this development through the following fundamental aims:

  1. Awareness of oneself, through educational rhythmic exercises, progressive lateralisation, gentle stretching exercises and workingon balance teaches children to overcome spatial inhibitions.
  2. Awareness of others. Emphasis is given to working in a group, or in pairs. Each child learns to become part of the group, to hold back and be tolerant, to share and take turns in an atmosphere of gentle order and discipline.
  3. Discovery of space rhythm and coordination. While becoming aware that they have a body that they can control, children must place themselves in relation to others and to objects.
  4. Sense of play and of effort. It is not possible to keep children’s attention over a long period without using their taste for games. Children need to be surprised, to compete, to mimic. This is constantly exploited through the use of educational play. These periods alternate with times of great physical and mental concentration which demand that the child shows and develops his ability to make an effort. We believe that teaching solely through play has a limited effect; games do not increase the child's ability unless used as a reward for an initial sustained effort.
  5. Creativity. We like to favour the creativity of children, through the use of mimed songs, free dance, improvisation and stories drawn from the children’s imagination. Children can, in this way, free the body that they have learned to control.

RAD Examinations

Although the Royal Academy of Dance provides a syllabus that can be examined from the age of 5 (Pre-Primary), it is not the school’s policy to enter children before they reach Grade 2. We believe that young children benefit from learning ballet through variety rather than the repetition of a strict syllabus. Examinations are not compulsory to progress through the grades.

The aim of any examination is to give children a goal and a sense of achievement, once they understand and can cope with pressures. We reserve the right to enter children whom we feel are mature enough to benefit from the experience and who will therefore develop self-confidence.

The RAD runs several systems of examinations:

Award Classes allow the presence of the teacher. The children do not receive individual marks. However they participate in a group under exam conditions. The presence of the teacher avoids unnecessary stress, making the experience pleasant and fun for our Grade 2 to 4 pupils. It is obligatory to commit to two classes per week, if you want your child to join the examination system from grade 2.

Upper Grades : from Grade 6 , we enter our pupils for Individual exams. Any qualification gained is credit in UCAS points.

Vocational Examinations will be prepared by all pupils aiming to enter a vocational school or a Dance Teacher Training program.



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Yoga Centre Evolve
3.55 - 4.50Grade 2 (7-8 yrs)
4.50 - 5.50Grade 3 (8-9 yrs)


Mission Hall Downstairs
4.00 - 4.40 Grade 1 (6-7 yrs)
4.50 - 5.45 Grade 2 (7-8 yrs)


Mission Hall Upstairs
4.55 - 5.55 Grade 4
5.55 - 6.55 Inter F
6.55 - 8.00 Grade 8

Holiday Dates

Calendar dates for the 2018-19 academic year can be downloaded here. Updated 11/01/19.